Our Purpose and Philosophy

Harford Christian School has been providing quality Christian education since 1966. God’s watch-care and provision are evidences of great blessing. Outside of a biblical worldview it is impossible to know how to live. God makes it clear that our purpose in life is to bring glory unto Him since we were created for His pleasure. While providing sound academic instruction, the ministry team at HCS seeks to teach and model the bigger picture of what living is all about.

Purposes and Objectives

Harford Christian School was specifically organized to offer student academic excellence with a Christian emphasis. Our specific objectives are:

  • To so effectively teach that each student will take as a personal commitment and belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that His death and resurrection provide forgiveness of sin and new life through faith in Him.
  • To create in each student a firm conviction that the Bible is the Word of God to men and that it is a practical guide to life and living.
  • To develop within each student a keen understanding of the fundamentals of God’s creation, including all of the academic studies; to cause within students thinking and understanding that Jesus Christ is central in all of these areas; to develop students thoroughly in the arts and sciences in order to glorify God, spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically, not in the student’s natural energy, but through new life in Christ.
  • To so effectively teach the principles of the faith that each student will purpose to yield completely to God in submission and obedience to His will as revealed in the Bible.
  • To cause each student to progress in Christian living through fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ in studying the Holy Scriptures, prayer and Christian service activities.
  • To cause each student to work effectively with perseverance both independently and cooperatively.
  • To develop in students and understanding of how to think and how to apply themselves in order to achieve self-discipline and responsibility.
  •  To cause each student appreciate and desire wholesome recreation.
  • To develop in students the proper attitude, ideals, habits, knowledge and skills which are the necessary preparation for life.
  • To give students experiences that will help them face life with courage and understanding. To help students experience a living faith in God that will make them a credit to Christ, their community, their nation and themselves.

An Independent Christian School

Harford Christian School is in no way affiliated with, funded by, or approved by the state or federal government school systems. Our ministry has protected its independence from outside entanglements. Harford Christian graduates are excelling in secular and Christian colleges, universities and diverse professions.

For more information, read our Vision Statement (31K) and our Doctrinal Statement (13k).

*Harford Christian School exists to serve families by offering

academic excellence within a Christian worldview,

all to the glory of God. 

We welcome admissions applications from students/families who desire the same.

Harford Christian School does not discriminate

on the basis of race or national origin in administering

our educational programs or financial policies.