Our Staff

Teaching Faculty


Kindergarten Faculty

Mrs. Dreama Wilson

Mrs. Lois Carper

Miss Bethany Edwards

Mrs. Jennifer Kelley

Mrs Meredith Kondilas

Mrs. Jennifer Holbrook




Kindergarten Assistant

Kindergarten Assistant

Kindergarten Front Desk


Elementary Faculty


Grade Level Teachers

Mrs. Angela Burge

Mrs. Jennifer Holbrook

Mrs. Janice Freeman

Mrs. Judy Truman

Miss Natalie Myers

Mrs. Beth Bueche’

Mrs. Jennifer Kline


Grade 1

Grade 1 (assistant)

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6


 Elementary Special Education

Mrs. Tammy Condict
Mrs. Bobbie Kragl
Elementary Director


Mr. Wes Peters

Mrs. Ruth Peters

Mrs. Natalie Eshleman

Mrs.  Andri-Ellen Peters

Mrs. Lauren Peters

Mrs. Valerie Williams

Mrs. Lucille Hahn

Mrs. Cheri Lefever

Mrs. Lydia Olinger

Mrs. Nadia Dardón

Mr. Tim Olinger

Mrs. Tammy Condict

Mrs. Lois Carper

Music Ed, Concert Band, Vocal Choirs

Music Education, Fine Arts Director

Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons

Elementary Librarian

Physical Education

Foreign Language (German)

Foreign Language (Spanish), Art Instruction

Director of Information Technology, Guidance

Art Instruction

Computer Instruction, Dramatic Production



Middle Level and High School Faculty

Miss Sarah Bahr

Mrs. Patti Ballard

Mrs. Tammy Condict

Mrs. Nadia Dardón

Mrs. Ruth Edwards

Mr. Adam Eshleman

Mr. Brad Fleming

Mrs. Hannah Johnson

Mrs. Cheri Lefever

Mr. Miles Carper

Mrs. Meredith Kondilas

Mrs. Penny McKnight

Mrs. Lydia Olinger

Mr. Tim Olinger

Mrs. Jill Peregino

Miss Emily House

Mr. Wes Peters

Mrs. Sarah Simon

Mr. John Slack

Mr. Jerry Slonaker

Mrs. Ada Stambaugh

Mrs. Susie Williams

Dr. Lloyd Scarborough


Computer Instruction

High School Special Education Director


Spanish I, II, III, IV

High School Office

Bible, Guidance Counselor

History, Government and Economics

High School Special Education

Health & Physical Ed, Athletic Dir.

Administrative Assistant, High School, Dramatic Production

Life Science, Earth Science, Geography, Computer

Senior High English, Admin. Asst.

German I, II, III, IV

Director of IT, Guidance Counselor

Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Phys. Science

Jr. High English, Yearbook

Concert Band, Vocal Choir, Music

Advanced Math, SAT Math Prep

World Studies, international student English studies

Sr. High Bible

Biology I, II, Physiology, Enviro. Science

Jr. High Math

Introduction to Engineering



 Support Service Staff


Accounting and Payroll

Mr. Shane Burge

Mrs. Heather Blome

Mrs. Melissa Hahn

Director of Finance

Finance Secretary/Director of Admissions



Secretarial/Administrative Staff

Mrs. Vanessa Fletcher

Mr. Jonathan Peters

Mrs. Ruth Edwards

Mr. Miles Carper

Elementary Secretary, School Nurse

RBC Admin. Assistant

Purchasing and Clerical Support

Administrative Assistant


Nursing Staff

Mrs. Vanessa Fletcher

Mrs. Pam Purdy

School Nurse

School Nurse


Instructional and Clerical Assistants

Mrs. Jessica Coomes

Mrs. Ruth Edwards

Mrs. Jen Holbrook

Elementary Support

High School Support

PTF President


School Promotion and Advertising

Mrs. Donna Sichette

Buildings and Grounds

Mr. Rodger Williams

Mrs. Verla Evans

Mr. Jonathan Schneider

Director of Buildings and Grounds





Mr. Karl Myers

Dr. Lloyd Scarborough

Mr. Bobby Joines

Mr. Wade LeMaire

Mrs. Kelly White

Mr. Glen Olinger

Mr. Tim Olinger

Mr. Adam Eshelman

Mr. Wesley Peters

Director of Transportation

Bus Maintenance