Vision Statement

Harford Christian School shall be a team of teaching professionals thrilled with Jesus Christ, passionate in their study, worship and adoration of Him and zealous in their aspiration to be conformed to His perfection.  They shall desire earnestly that their students become like Him in character and godliness through regeneration, sanctification and godly instruction, and shall give themselves unreservedly to this purpose.

Harford Christian School shall be families drawn together by the character of the teachers, who desire earnestly that their children become like their teachers in character and godliness, and who with the teachers shall give themselves unreservedly to this purpose.

Harford Christian shall be students whose energies are channeled into productive learning, whose innate abilities are nurtured to maximum potential and whose lives are molded by teachers and family into models of godliness and character.  This shall be achieved in a manner pleasant and gratifying to the student.

Harford Christian School shall be a congregation and network supporting friends who dedicate themselves to the fulfillment of this vision through prayer, emulation of its objectives and generosity.

These being achieved, Harford Christian School shall enjoy an unusually pleasant atmosphere, a happy, fulfilled and advancing student body, strong academic and intellectual progress, rich in civility and cultural development, exceptionally maintained facilities, and a gratified staff, all to the glory of God.