Mother of an Alumnus to German Language Teacher

Several weeks ago, my daughter received a telephone call from Mohammad Esa, at McDaniel College, inviting her to present a workshop at this years’ German-American Day at McDaniel.  It was the fourth time (in as many years) that she has participated in this event, but this time it was as an Alumni, with her own workshop.  


As I sat in the small amphitheater yesterday and watched her conduct her seminar, I couldn’t help but think back to you and to Harford Christian School.  You ignited a fire in my daughter that I witnessed for the first time yesterday.  I was in awe of her, and again, I kept thinking back to you and all of the lessons you had taught her over the years, the German testing, the trip to Germany, etc.  In fact, she will be introducing German to her pre-schoolers in the coming months.


My point is, that without the love and dedication that you showed several years ago, Meg may never have followed through with her German studies.  Now it has come full circle and she is beginning to share her love of the language with her students (albeit young ones!).  She said it is never too early!


So, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the part that you played in Meg’s life.  She did you, and Harford Christian School, proud yesterday, 



A coach from another school writes concerning our junior high baseball team.

“I am the middle school baseball coach and varsity basketball coach for our school. We have played your middle school baseball team twice in the past two weeks and I wanted to relay to you how impressed I am with the team.  Although our school is a non-religious private school, I am a Believer and I have been put off by Christian Schools that do not conduct themselves consistently with the Message they have undertaken. My experience over the past two weeks with HCS has been just the opposite.


The display of sportsmanship, the perspective of the  coaches and the attitudes of the young men in both winning and losing were exceptional! This is a reflection on your entire school and what we Believers hope to convey to others. The entire team should be commended for exemplifying the character traits of the Lord we serve.  As an opposing coach, I’m grateful for the clean competition we were able to share but as a Believer I am proud of the testimony they showed.”

A Parent Spectator Writes

“I was in attendance at the basketball games where Harford Christian was competing yesterday and wanted to send a huge compliment to your athletes and fans.


I have been attending games for years as a parent of students.  There is always healthy competition in athletics, but sadly there has been some poor sportsmanship and spectatorship as well.  I have to compliment your school on their performance yesterday.  There were some exciting moments in the games, and it was enjoyable to watch without hearing any negative comments coming from the stands.  I would estimate our fan base was equal to yours for this home game and with so many new athletes on the girls team in particular we have been subjected to some negative comments or laughter.  It was so refreshing to sit in the stands and watch a game where both sides cheered on their teams in a positive way. 


I am not usually a person who takes this type of thing to heart, but it was on my heart today and I felt it was important for your administration to know that it was a pleasure to have your fans and athletes at our gym.


Wishes for continued success in your season.”

Partnering with Parents

“As Christian parents, we are convinced the training of our children is to be done, “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” Eph. 6:4b. This is a non-transferrable responsibility and privilege to which all Christian parents are called. Thus, the partnership with the dedicated administration, faculty and staff of Harford Christian School is an invaluable link to reinforce the Biblically-based instruction already being taught at home and church.” 


“Amazing teachers and staff! My kids are learning so much and the values that are enforced are what we teach at home.”

Caring Staff

“HCS was home to 5 of our 6 children for at least 7 years.  The staff, as well as many of the students, became an important addition to our “family” – we are very fortunate to have been a part of such a fine school for those years.”


“This school is a wonderful blessing we parents have.  The children are taught how to live and learn as a child of God.  The teachers and staff are caring, energetic, creative, and handle each child as the individual learners they are. Behavior expectations are clearly made and order is kept, while still maintaining a loving atmosphere.”


“Harford Christian School is an amazing school with amazing people.  I’m so thankful that we are able to send our child there and cannot wait for our younger child to attend in the fall.”

Knowing God

“HCS has something absolutely missing from government schools: God consciousness.  It is in every classroom and every lesson.  The academics are no slouch and can be compared to any school in Maryland. But, first things first; they know who God is.”


“I am delighted to be sending my first son to HCS in the fall and pray that we will be able to do so for many years to come.  Thank you for standing firm and bring forth the truth to our children.”

Mind, Body and Spirit

“There truly is something for everyone at Harford Christian. From excellent teachers to extracurricular activities, this school is a rare find.”


“Harford Christian is an academic establishment whose doors welcome and embrace the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Through Him, the teachers and staff are able and equipped to provide strong, truthful, and challenging education for students and families seeking nourishment of the mind, body and spirit.  Each day we give thanks that we sought and were led to HCS. “Ask and it shall be given you: seek and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. “Matthew 7:7″.”

Receiving Help

“The teachers and staff were my son’s mentors and encouragers. They treated him as a unique, spiritual being and not just one of a group.  If help was needed they rallied to give it.  They loved him enough to really teach him well.  Their efforts show in his manners, poise, communication skills, reverence for God and choices in life since graduation. Our gratitude is beyond measure.”


“My oldest son Jacob graduated this year and I could not be more pleased.   HCS has been a special memory he will keep forever.  My second son has dyslexia and is in a special program for children such as himself.  His teachers go above and beyond to help him.  My daughter will begin third grade and she is amazing.  They let her move forward and challenged her… Children flourish in this special place…”

Leaving Prepared

Student Testimonials