Fine Arts Honors


2017 Harford Christian School Fine Arts MACS Winners:

First Place:

JH Small Instrumental Ensemble – Clarinet Trio

JH Instrumental Solo Woodwind – Abigail Childers

JH Instrumental Solo Brass – Devin Arnold

JH Creative Writing: Poetry – Rachel Derwart

JH Digital Media – Coralynn Cox

JH Photography: Still Life and Macro – Cole Lewis

SH Band – High School Band

SH Small Instrumental Ensemble – Clarinet Duet (Olinger & Olinger)

SH Instrumental Solo Brass – Carolyn Peters

SH Instrumental Solo Woodwind – Lexi Tippett

SH Classical Piano Duet – Olivia Armstrong and Hamilton Brooks

SH Classical Piano Solo – Carolyn Peters

SH Creative Writing: Narrative – Warren Englehart

H Digital Media – Ryan Stevens

SH Textiles – Wendy Watkins

SH Acrylic Painting – Julia Smith

SH Photography: Still Life and Macro – Rebecca Cooney

SH Photography: Landscapes and Architecture – Rebecca Cooney

SH Photography: People and Animal – Rebecca Cooney


Second Place:


JH Small Instrumental Ensemble – Flute Trio

JH Instrumental Solo Woodwind – Kaitlyn Kennedy

SH Classical Piano Duet – Rebekah and Mekenzie Olinger

SH Acrylic Painting – Wendy Watkins


Third Place:


JH Photography: Landscapes and Architecture – Cole Lewis

JH Photography: People and Animal – Cole Lewis

SH Female Vocal Solo – Hannah Derwart

SH Choral Group – HCS Choir

SH Creative Writing: Narrative – Carolyn Peters

SH Creative Writing: Poetry – Erin Harris


2017 Harford Christian School MACS Academic Testing Winners:


First Place:


SH New Testament Bible Knowledge (II Cor., Galatians, & Ephesians) – Josh Weaver

SH Biology – Christian Taynor

SH Chemistry – Jordan Tymes

SH Physics – Connor Anderson

SH Algebra II/Geometry – Ben Williams

SH Advanced Math – Kyosung Hwang

SH Spanish – Olivia Armstrong

SH World History/Geography – Connor Anderson

SH Political Science/Economics – Sam Arnold

SH Music Theory – Carolyn Peters


Second Place:


JH Science – Noah Olinger

SH English – Sam Arnold

SH Biology – Hannah Good

SH Chemistry – Andrew Sadowski

SH Algebra II/Geometry – Ricky Wilson

SH Spanish – Greta Harris

SH Political Science/Economics – Ashley Harrison

SH Accounting – Chris Franco

SH Music Theory – Ricky Wilson


Third Place:


JH Science – Rachel Derwart

JH History/Geography – Andrew Reeves

SH Old Testament Bible Knowledge (I & II Samuel) – Mekenzie Olinger

SH New Testament Bible Knowledge (II Cor., Galatians, & Ephesians) – Daniel Thompson

SH Algebra II/Geometry – Lucas Harris

SH Advanced Math – Joe Zhu

SH World History/Geography – Johnny Truman


Elementary MACS Fine Arts March 2015


Secondary Music


1st place

High School Concert Band

Junior High Choir

Junior High Ensemble

Junior High Hand Bell Choir

Junior High Clarinet Quartet

(Abigail Brooks, Mekenzie Olinger, Rebekah Olinger, & Hannah Purdy)

Senior High Hand Bell Choir

Senior High Flute Trio (Erika Cullum, Natalie Purdy, & Alexis Tippett)

Devin Arnold – JH Brass Solo

Hamilton Brooks – JH Sacred Piano Solo

Hannah Derwart – JH Female Vocal Solo – with Excellent Ratings!


2nd place

Junior High Saxophone Duet (Hamilton Brooks & Shane Kidwell)

Senior High Brass Quartet

(Ian Edwards, Jacob Edwards, David Huey, & Benjamin Weaver)

Senior High Choir – with Excellent Ratings!



 3rd Place

Junior High Vocal Trio

(Hannah Derwart, & Rose Garner)

Hamilton Brooks – Saxophone Solo


 Secondary Art

 1st place

Daniel Fletcher – JH Landscape/Architecture Photography

Kyonjung Hwang – JH Monochromatic Drawing

Kyonjung Hwang – JH Watercolor Painting

Olivia Kelley – JH People/Animal Photography

Correy Brooks – SH Digital Media

Elizabeth Dodson – SH Crafts

Elizabeth Dodson – SH Polychromatic Drawing

Susanna Edwards – SH Acrylic Painting

Luke Fletcher – SH People/Animal Photography

Caroline Harris – SH Mixed Media

Sydney Steeves – SH Crafts

Sydney Steeves – SH Sculpture


2nd place

Emma Ball – SH Landscape/Architecture Photography

Kari Burns – SH Watercolor Painting

Christina Condict – SH Acrylic Painting

Christina Condict – SH People/Animal Photography

Luke Fletcher – SH Still Life Photography


3rd Place

Amanda Condict – JH Landscape/Architecture Photography

Correy Brooks – SH Watercolor Painting

Susanna Edwards – SH Monochromatic Drawing




Elementary MACS Fine Arts March 2014


1st place

Intermediate Band

Intermediate Hand Bells

Emily Boughers – flute solo

Cheyenne & Phoebe Williams – vocal duet

Hannah Purdy & Mekenzie Olinger – clarinet duet


2nd place

Honors Choir

Shane Kidwell – saxophone solo

Emily Boughers & Mekenzie Olinger – vocal duet


3rd place

Abigail Coomes & Kaylee Cullum – flute duet

Mekenzie Olinger – piano solo


Honorable Mention

Hannah Purdy – clarinet solo


HCS Intermediate Band (plus other ensembles and soloists) took part in the MACS Elementary Fine Arts Competition held at Calvary Baptist School in Bowie Friday, April 19.

Elementary MACS Fine Arts

April 2013

Band Competition
3rd place: HCS Intermediate Band
Instrumental Duets/Trios
2nd place: Sam Arnold and Seth Giro (trumpet duet)
3rd place: Rose Garner (flute duet)
Woodwind solo
1st place: Rose Garner
Brass solo
2nd place: Jake Edwards
Vocal Duets/Trios
1st place: Steven Meeker and Evan Coomes
Large Vocal Ensemble
1st place: HCS Honors Choir


The annual MACS (Maryland Association of Christian Schools) fine arts festivals have once again given Harford Christian School a reason to announce excellence among our students.  Congratulations to these students, their instructors, and their parents!

High School MACS Fine Arts

State Results 2013


Junior High English

Nick Giro – tied for 1st

Haylee Faison – tied for 2nd


Junior High Math

Lexington Lemmon – 3rd


Junior High Science

Nick Giro – 3rd


Junior High Music Theory

Lexi Tippett – 3rd


Junior High Old Testament Bible

Brooke Fletcher – tied for 1st

Hannah Karschner – 2nd


Junior High New Testament Bible

Nick Giro – 3rd


Senior High English

Kelsey Williams – 3rd


Senior High Algebra/Geometry

Hannah Jacques – tied for 2nd


Senior High Advanced Math

Hannah Jacques – tied for 3rd


Senior High Biology

Hunter Howell – 2nd

Danielle Fiedler – tied for 3rd


Senior High Chemistry

Seth McCarty – 2nd

Yianni Kanaras – 3rd


Senior High Physics

John Wilson – 2nd


Senior High US History

Seth McCarty 2nd


Senior High Spanish

Liz Cirri – 3rd


Senior High Accounting

Lizzie Wilson – 2nd

Leah Edwards – 3rd


Senior High Political Science

Anne Cornwell – 1st

Leah Edwards – 2nd


Senior High Music Theory

Patty Lynn Good – 1st

Joey Fallon – 2nd


Senior High Old Testament Bible

Demetri Lambros – 3rd


Senior High New Testament Bible

Sue Edwards – 1st


High School MACS Fine Arts

State Results 2013



***  Indicates that students received a SUPERIOR rating in their performance and the honor of playing

in the “Best of Show” concert at the end of the day.


Junior High Vocal Duets & Trios

Lexi Tippett & Julia Smith – 1st

Lexington Lemmon, Daphne

Karas, Crystal Kline – 3rd


Junior High Instrumental Solos

Nick Giro – 1st in woodwind

Lexi Tippet – 2nd in woodwind

Jacob Edwards – 3rd in brass


Junior High Inst. Duets & Trios

Maddie Purdy & Natalie Beyer – 1st

Junior High Piano

Nick Giro – 3rd in classical solo

***Lexi Tippett & Julia Smith – 1st in duets


Junior High Choir – 1st


Junior High Handbells – 3rd


Senior High Instrumental Solos

***Patty Lynn Good – 1st in woodwind

Erika Cullum – 2nd in woodwind

***Joey Fallon – 1st in brass

John Wilson – 2nd in brass


Senior High Inst. Duets and Trios

Erika Cullum, Natalie Purdy, Lexi Tippett – 1st

Ian Edwards, Joey Fallon, John Wilson – 2nd


Senior High Piano

Jenny Bullis – 2nd


Senior High Woodwind Ensemble – 1st


Senior High Vocal Ensemble – 2nd


Senior High Choir – 2nd


Senior High Band – 1st


Senior High Hand Bells – 1st



High School MACS State Results

Creative Writing & Art – March 2013


Senior High Essay – Emma Reed – 2nd place

Senior High Poetry – Maddie Feustel – 1st place (Dates Without Money)

Nathan Pittack – 2nd place

Lizzie Wilson – 3rd place


Acrylic Painting – Sarah Porter – 2nd place

Monochromatic Drawing – Conner Smith – 2nd place

Oil Painting – Sue Edwards – 1st place (Tropical Fish)

Polychromatic Drawing – Amanda Good – 2nd place

Sculpture – Emily Hathaway – 1st place (Fetus)

Megan Tolle – 2nd place

Watercolor – Conner Smith – 2nd place

Amanda Good – 3rd place


Elementary MACS State Results

Academic – March 2013


1st grade Narrative – Joshua Olinger – 1st place (My Tooth Fell Out)

1st grade Poetry – Kaitlyn Knopp – 1st place (My Frog)

Primary Narrative – Abigail Childers – 2nd place



1st grade – Joshua Olinger – 1st place

Primary – Abigail Childers – 1st place

Zachariah Baker – 2nd place

Intermediate – Alexandra Reifer – 1st place


Primary – Sage Thorpe – 1st place with honors!


Elementary MACS State Results

Projects – March 2013


Primary – Ella Holbrook – 3rd place

Intermediate – Kate Meise – 1st place (The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Bacteria)

Evan Coomes – 3rd place


Primary – Emma Blomily – 2nd place


Int. Monochromatic Drawing – Karaghan White – 1st place with a perfect score! (Dark Beauty)

Intermediate Painting – Mekenzie Olinger – 1st place (Winterfest)

Primary Sewing – Paige Bueche – 3rd place

Intermediate Sewing – Joy Edwards – 1st place (Shoo, Fly Quilt)