From the Students

At Harford Christian School, education goes beyond the Bible-based curriculum, fine arts and athletics programs. Students benefit from challenges and opportunities that develop character, perseverance, time management, and resilience. Students experience nurturing of their innate abilities, enjoy rich fellowship and have heightened awareness of God’s creation and providence. Read what the students are saying about their educational experiences and opportunities to participate in our exceptional programs.


In Their Own Words:

“I have had a lot of time to think about how much the education HCS offered has helped prepare me for life outside the protection of a Christian educational environment.  A secular college and working for an increasingly secular government offers many challenges to my faith that, had it not been for my education and faith in Jesus Christ, may have crippled to my spiritual development.  I often think about the question you asked me when I returned to visit the school; you asked me if I was struggling to defend the faith at my new school.  I couldn’t answer you that day. However, at the present, I could tell you that every day is a struggle.  The life of a follower of Christ is not easy in a world that seeks to ignore, belittle or even attack our God.  I think of the Parable of the Sower, how Jesus told us that a seed needs good soil to grow.  In the same way I view HCS as good soil: a place where seeds can grow roots in knowledge of Christ, where stones and weeds are kept at bay and young people can find that extra support that they need to begin a life of ministry and service to our Lord.  I do not know why I felt the need to type this out to you, perhaps I just hope that it will serve as an encouragement to you sir, that you and your staff are doing a good job.  We all need that from time to time.”


“I was in the Envirothon for 3 years, and it was probably one of the best things I could have done. Taking the tests and having to do spoken presentations teaches a great lesson in teamwork which will help later. You really need to work together to “divide and conquer” all the materials given to study.  I don’t think I can stress how much of the fact that the Envirothon, if you want to succeed, requires you to develop good study habits. Being in the Envirothon helped me realize what I wanted to study in college, and it definitely gave me a good head start.  I owe it to HCS for getting me into the Envirothon through the Biology and Environmental programs.”  Josh Mohr


“At the beginning of eleventh grade, Bri asked me if I was going to do envirothon because she thought I would like it and do well with it. After talking with my parents I decided to join. There was never a dull moment with the team; we had fun and joked about everything. While still having fun and joking with each other, we were able to get along and accomplish the tasks that were at hand. After winning states this past year (2012) and then moving on to nationals, the envirothon program helped me to decide what I wanted to do with my future. As the forestry expert I was responsible for knowing all the trees in Eastern North America. I also had to check the measurements to make sure they were right. After working with trees so much, I decided I wanted to major in Forest Management. The Envirothon Program has taught me teamwork, commitment, opened my eyes to the needs of the environment, and also showed me what I love doing and hope to do for the rest of my life.”  Luke Tittel



“The Envirothon program at HCS has been an integral part of my learning and development the past two years. It has taught me to critically think in a way that most people don’t get the chance to. Traveling and learning about not only Maryland, but other places too has made me a well-rounded individual. The Envirothon program at HCS has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills. Not only has Envirothon opened my eyes to my passion and future career, but it has  supplied me with some lifelong friends, also. ” Emily Stricklin


“The Envirothon has been a huge part of my high school experience and it has taught me invaluable skills that will greatly benefit me in years to come. It has enriched my education with these practical skills such as public speaking, researching, and surveying. Before I started the Envirothon, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue after high school. But the program allowed me to talk and work with professionals in the environmental field and actually do things that they do in their everyday job! I now know that I love learning about God’s beautiful creation and am going to Liberty University this fall to continue that journey. If I had not joined Envirothon, who knows where I would be today. My three years in the program challenged me and taught me how to really go the extra mile. Being a part of the HCS Envirothon legacy is something that will always have a special place in my heart, and the things I learned will definitely help me in the future. I would like to thank my teammates for all the hard work they put in, my coach (Mrs. Stambaugh)  for all the time and effort she has put into our lives, and most importantly, God, who has blessed me with them and the awesome experience we had. Without Envirothon, I don’t know where I would be.”  Brianna Coleman


“The Envirothon program at HCS is a fantastic way to learn and have fun.  I joined envirothon in tenth grade on the A team and started right off into a world I had no idea existed. Soon I was learning about macroinvertabrates, artesian aquifers, the difference between a swamp and a marsh, and how to identify almost every piece of nature in Maryland.  There were countless meetings, days and days of studying, and many laughs. We started off my first year with our fifth county win and a second place title at states.  We came back this year with a desire and a passion to go to inter-nationals.  We had even more drive when Mrs.Stambaugh was no longer able to continue coming to our meetings due to her husband’s health.  We made our own test and Powerpoints and pushed forward.  We continued on to win county for the sixth time (longest consecutive winning streak in Harford County) and to win states by one point. We competed at inter-nationals and had the experience of a lifetime. Envirothon gets you ready for anything college can throw at you.  I have learned to study hard, how to balance school, envirothon and sports, and work with a team under intense pressure. My team became part of my family and will be my friends for a lifetime. I encourage anyone who is interested in the environment to join, it will spark a passion for the environment that will follow you wherever you go.”  Hunter Howell


“My first lineup of tests came this week. Yes, this semester will be challenging, but it will be a good a challenge. My organic chemistry teacher is very good and friendly. And cell bio won’t be too bad since I have a very good foundation in that area from Bio II with you. It’s very strange, the teacher gives tests eerily similar to yours- very hard complex multiple choice and short answer, but lots of bonus questions. So hopefully I will have as much success on them as I did in your class.


Thanks for all your guidance in high school. You are definitely responsible for nurturing my love of science.”  Jonathan Cope


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