Harford Christian School Tuition


Tuition and Fees 2019/20 School Year

We encourage you to compare private school tuition rates.  No other comparably priced school in our region can match our package of academics, fine arts and athletics.

Multi-child discounts are provided for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th children enrolled. The oldest child from one
family is considered the “1st student”.
• The 5th child or more enrolled from one family is granted free tuition.
• Tuition may be pre-paid before July 5, 2019, for a 2% discount.
• Tuition may be paid in ten monthly payments (August through May) with the first payment due by
August 10, 2019.

Early Enrollment Tuition Incentive:   

Families who enroll a child at HCS beginning in kindergarten through 4th grade will remain at the annual published level for “Grades 1 – 4” tuition for that child as long as he remains enrolled through graduation. Families who enroll a child in grades 5 – 8 will remain at the annual published level for “Grades 5 – 8” tuition for that child as long as he remains enrolled through graduation.


Preschool and Kindergarten

3-Day Preschool K-4 (1/2 day)

1st Student

2nd Student

3rd Student

4th Student









5-Day Preschool K-4 and Kindergarten (1/2 day)

1st Student

2nd Student

3rd Student

4th Student









Afternoon care for pre-school and kindergarten students runs until 3:00 PM (bus dismissal).  The annual cost for afternoon care is $2,100.00 per year.  Irregular afternoon care requests (i.e., one afternoon on one week and two the next week, etc.) will be charged at a rate of $20.00 per day.


1st through 12th Grades

Tier 1: Grades 1 - 4

1st Student

2nd Student

3rd Student

4th Student









Tier 2: Grades 5 - 8

1st Student

2nd Student

3rd Student

4th Student









Tier 3: Grades 9 - 12

1st Student

2nd Student

3rd Student

4th Student










Admission Fee

Assessed to new students entering HCS, this fee offsets the costs associated with processing and screening new students into the school.  Admissions fee is due with submission of application for enrollment.


Entering grades pre-school or kindergarten:                              $35.00 per student

Entering grades 1st through 12th:                                                $70.00 per student

Registration Fee

This fee is assigned per student and not per family.  This is a non-refundable fee that assists in covering the expenses of one yearbook per family and daily consumable expenses associated with student life and activity (custodial supplies, maintenance, etc.). The registration fee along with the book fee is due before the school year begins.  For existing school families an “Early Registration Discount” rate will be offered, if paid before April 30, 2018.


Pre-School and Kindergarten:                 $250.00 per student         $210.00 if paid by 4/30/19

1st through 12thGrade:                            $390.00 per student         $280.00 if paid by 4/30/19

Book Fee

Assessed per student to cover curriculum and instructional expenses:

Entering grades pre-school or kindergarten:               $100.00 per student

Entering grades 1st through 12th:                                 $230.00 per student

Bus Fee

Assessed per student utilizing bus transportation.


1st Student



3rd Student








Special Education Fee

Assessed for extra services provided by the Extended Learning Center faculty, and due in addition with each monthly tuition payment.  Determination of learning support level will be the discretion of the principal, director of special education, classroom and special education teachers.


Minimal Learning Support:

  • Up to one major subject (elementary language arts considered two subject blocks)
  • $1,250.00 per year


Moderate Learning Support:

  • Two to three subject support areas
  • $1,850.00 per year


Extensive Learning Support:

  • Four or more subject support areas
  • $2,400.00 per year


Additional Fees


Music Lesson Fee:  Assessed upon the delivery of music lessons and billed with monthly statement. Private (1-3 students) piano and instrument lessons are offered for $20.00 per lesson. Most music lessons are administered by adjunct teachers. Their rates may vary.


Graduation Fee:  Each member of the graduating class will pay a $220.00 graduation fee to cover the expenses related to diplomas, caps and gowns, speaker expenses, organ moving, etc.


School Uniform Fee:   

You will find information on uniforms and shoes on our Forms and Documents page.


Boarding School Tuition

For BOARDING SCHOOL TUITION rates please contact Mr. Bryan Wilson, school administrator, at bwilson@harfordchristian.org  or 410.457.5103, extension 4500 with any questions regarding admissions and boarding opportunities at Harford Christian School.


*Please direct all financial questions to Shane Burge, Director of Finance.


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