Our Pledge

    1. We pledge that each of our students will hear the glorious gospel of our only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and will be shown the rich benefits of salvation through Him.
    2. We pledge to never be swayed by the whims and fads of “political correctness.”
    3. We pledge whole-hearted commitment to Christian education of the highest quality.
    4. We pledge fierce independence from the state educational establishment and secularist educational philosophies enshrined by courts in our nation’s education systems.
    5. We pledge never to accept financial aid from the government.
    6. We pledge never to become an elitist academy for the privileged, but to do everything within our power to make superior Christian education available for any family who desires it.
    7. We pledge that our students will learn, and that this will happen in the orderly environment so crucial to instruction.
    8. We pledge to promulgate a Bible-based value-system—the foundation and core of America’s greatness—formerly expressed in our nation’s culture, knowing that God has favored this with liberty, prosperity and comfort beyond all other nations of all time.
    9. We pledge to persevere. Our cause is compelling. God helping us, we will produce productive, exemplary citizens who embrace these convictions and maintain this cause.

Why would more than 250 families from 6 different counties send their children to a rural Christian School in Darlington?  An independent Christian school with an intimate K-12 population, caring staff and nurturing environment is well-suited to educate each student as a unique creation of God with an eternal soul.  We partner with parents in the Christian education of their children. Our mission is to develop Christ-likeness through educational excellence.

A broad interscholastic athletics program does more than instruct elite athletes and collect championships, we “hold the bar high” in the area of Christian conduct on the field and in the bleachers. The purpose of all arts instruction at Harford Christian is to nurture the talents God has given young people and lead them to glorify Him in the use of those talents.

An estimated 55% of our over 1100 graduates enter a 4-year degree program and have been accepted into colleges such as Cornell and Johns Hopkins.  Roughly 35% enter community college and 10% enter the workforce or military. HCS alumni go out into the world with a keen sense of God-consciousness.  And that is the end-goal of our efforts in and out of the classroom: to produce excellent ambassadors for Christ.

  • Bible-based curriculum
  • High academic and behavioral expectations
  • Organization with clear and effective discipline
  • Responsive, approachable administration and staff
  • Creative and enthusiastic instructors
  • High level of parental and volunteer participation
  • Warm, nurturing, Christian environment
  • Experiential early learning
  • True individual education support
  • College-level science and math
  • Award-winning environmental and foreign language programs
  • Broad range of fine arts and athletic opportunities
  • Wholesome, enjoyable, student interaction
  • Development of patriotism and citizenship

Harford Christian School was a pioneer in Christian education, fighting for religious liberty and paving the way that enabled the functioning of many private schools in Maryland.  Founded in 1966, the school holds high the standard of honoring the Lord Jesus Christ in every area.

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